Sunday, March 30, 2014

My First Book

So I have recently finished the first self-help book. I'm the process of getting it on ibooks. I'm just having a problem with getting the template right. I have a cover and everything. I think I might need to take a class or something to learn how to navigate through ibooks author. Once I have this book uploaded to itunes and amazon, I'm gonna start working on the next one. The 1st book is about how to live happily as an empath. The next book will be about how to live on a budget. They say you should write about things you know and those are the 2 subjects I know the most about. lol After I finish the 2nd book I'm gonna start on my novel again. I actually have quite a few pages written already so I'm not starting from scratch. That makes me very happy.

I'm also learning more about tarot cards. I would love to become a professional reader one day. I've done a few readings and I got great feedback. One young lady told me that my prediction was completely accurate. It made me feel really good. I'm part of a tarot group on and I have learned a lot through the group. The group leader has written several books. I'm currently in the process of finishing the 2nd one. It's really informative. What I like the most is that she has us basically use the tarot cards to guide us in writing our business plan. It's totally genius and it has really helped me a lot. I have tried to write business plans in the past and just got stuck. I really want to do more readings but I'm not even sure how to generate business.

The other thing that I realized after completing the 1st book is that you don't even have to be a decent writer to write. You plant your ideas and have someone edit the book and it turns out well. I really don't know what stopped me all of these years but I'm glad I got past it. I still have a little fear about putting myself out there. I'm trying to get over it because its resistance and the universe can't deliver when you are offering a vibration of resistance. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Vision

I don't even know where to begin lol. The last few years I have been in limbo you can say, but I won't complain about my life anymore. I have everything that I need. I am so grateful for that. Its my desire for more that sometimes keeps me up at night. I know exactly what I want. I've known what I wanted my entire life. lol At 33 years old soon to be 34 the time for me to act is now. I feel like I have let enough of life pass me by.  Its time to make my dreams a reality.

Professionally, there are three major things I want to accomplish. I want to write novels and self-help books and I want them to sell well. I would also love to teach a college course part-time. I love the idea of helping to shape and guide young minds. Plus, I really miss that college life. I also want to rehab and flip properties as well as having a building with units that I rent out. See? My dreams aren't that unrealistic.

What I have noticed throughout these last few years is that many people come to me for advice. They never take my advice but they do ask. Majority of the time they come back and tell me that they should have followed my advice. Even strangers love to tell me about their problems. I wouldn't say its something I particularly enjoy but it seems as though I am good at it. It really got me to thinking that maybe its something I could do part-time. It could be my fourth job. hmm

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