Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Power Is In You

For a very long time I felt powerless and hopeless. My entire life I had been taught that there was a power outside of myself that controlled my fate and destiny. I tried to ignore that stance but whenever situations came up that seemed out of my control that premise would take over my mind. I was beyond depressed. I would often wonder what was the point of even being born if I had no say in the direction of my life. I would talk to different people from different religions and they mostly had the same stance. I tried my best to buy into that belief but it just didnt sit right in me. I decided to seek out my own answers.

If you are a believer of numerology then you know that numerology is the study of numbers and the energies and characteristics that go along with each number. Anyway, when I turned 33 last year, I entered in what numerology calls the 7th personal year. The 7th year is like the 7th day. Its about rest. Its about reflecting on your spirit and spiritual development. During a 7th personal year there wont be any gains in career or your social life. You will be forced to look at your belief system and decide if it is working for you or against you. This is exactly what I felt the need to do. My search for answers peaked my interest in astrology which also sparked an interest in numerology and tarot. Those subjects made me want to look deeper that's what attracted me to the law of attraction and then eventually I was lead to the teachings of Neville Goddard. 

Neville Goddard taught that the power lies within you and your imagination. The mind is a very powerful thing, and with it you attract certain people, places and things to your life that can benefit you or be an hindrance to you, but the choice is entirely up to you. Isnt that the greatest thing that you have ever heard? Doesn't it make you feel powerful beyond measure that you are the captain of your ship? Or does it scare you to know how powerful you are? Let me know in the comments how that makes you feel :) 

In the mean time I will post this video of the audio of one of Neville's speeches. 

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