Sunday, April 6, 2014

Just The Beginning

I feel a lot of things are shifting in my life lately and it makes me so happy. I have made a conscious decision to be happy every single day no matter what and its working. A few months ago I did a 21 day feminine radiance program to help jumpstart a positive mindset. It was the beginning of my new journey. 

I really loved the way I felt afterwards so I decided to take a look into the law of attraction. I watched the Secret movie and I decided that I could benefit from the teachings. I'm not fond of my current job. I've been here almost 4 years with not 1 attractive prospect in sight. When I started listening to the LOA teachings I knew this is what I needed to propel myself to the next level. Life is all about fulfilling your desires and being happy every day. They dont teach you that in school or church. What they teach you is that you are supposed to be happy with whatever cards life deals you. I never accepted that and I'm sooo happy that I didnt. LOA says that you can not not want your desires. To deny yourself the things that you desire is to become less than what life has caused you to become. That is the key to a very unhappy and empty life. You were not put on earth to be unhappy and empty. You were put on earth to experience child like joy that never wavers which will attract people, places and things that will always bring you joy. That is a life worth living! I dont currently have the things I desire the most but the universe is showing me evidence of those things and  it feels amazing!! I wanna feel this excitement forever. 

During my time at work I make it a point to keep my vibrations high. I dont listen to music or watch anything that will bring me down. I listen to binaural beats and om meditation to improve my vibrations and it truly does work. Im so happy I was introduced to these things. On the weekends its much easier to stay on that high flying disk as Esther Hicks calls it. Its mostly because Im able to sleep late and Im not doing work that I dont enjoy. 

I have made a pledge to myself to continue to raise my consciousness. Raising your consciousness not only helps attract the things you desire but it also helps to keep negative people and situations out of your life. It is totally worth it. I love smiling everyday and knowing that Im getting closer to my dream life. 

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